Texas Man Records Weird Dancing Clouds

A man in Texas got a video of a strange cloud with weird movements. The internet, as well as the man, are amazed at what they see in the video.

Now, let’s take an unbiased view of this and look at some footage and do some research. After doing our research, we can tell you that this is not CGI! And also that this footage is 100% authentic.

John Poole is a resident of Vidor, Texas. He was walking outside on May 1, 2022, and saw some clouds moving in the sky behaving very weirdly.

John then decided to record the strange dancing clouds on his iPhone. He later uploaded the video to Facebook where it went popular.

The video shows several clouds moving in different directions as if they were being controlled by an unseen force.

The video has been viewed more than 45,000 times on Facebook and has become an internet sensation among UFO believers and UFO fans alike.

This isn’t the first time that strange dancing clouds have been spotted. In fact, this happens quite frequently.

UFO believers claim that these are “alien spaceships” or “UFOs” maneuvering in the sky above Vidor, Texas while others are just flabbergasted.

“It’s looks like plasma or microwave,” said Arne R Kristensen, a commenter.

“That’s a beam, not natural. This is project blue beam or some direct energy weapon,” said Terry Junior, another commenter.


Structured and organized, the dancing clouds in the sky have been recorded before, but to see these eerie moving clouds that make some of us believe a UFO is responsible for this is a natural phenomenon called Crown flash.

A crown flash is an optical phenomenon that occurs when light from a lightning discharge reflects off the raindrops, mist, or ice particles comprising a cloud.

It is a fairly common phenomenon, but it usually goes unnoticed because it occurs very quickly and often during the day. It can also be confused with Sun Dog.

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