The Manises UFO Incident: The Most Famous UFO Sighting in Spain

The Manises UFO incident, Spain, November 11, 1979, labeled incorrectly as “Mallorca UFO sighting”. This UFO case is perhaps even bigger than the Roswell incident because of many officials involved such as the Manises airport.

On November 11, 1979 the Spanish commercial flight company Transportes Aéreos Españoles had to make an emergency landing at the airport Manises in Valencia, Spain. A set of red lights approached the aircraft on a collision course.

The captain requested information about the red lights, but neither the military radar nor the flight control center could provide any explanation.

This was the first time in history in which a commercial flight was forced to make an emergency landing because of a UFO.

Flight JK-297 took off from Salzburg, Austria with 109 passengers on board and flew to Mallorca for refueling with Las Palmas as final destination. At 11 p.m. the pilot Francisco and his crew witnessed a set of red lights approaching his plane. It was on a collision course.

The captain changed altitude. Apparently the red lights mirrored the plane and also changed altitude and it stayed at a distance of half a kilometer. The captain made the decision to make an emergency landing to ensure the safety of his passengers.

He landed his plane safely at Manises airport. When the UFO abandoned the pursuit just before landing, the radar spotted three new UFOs, each one with an estimated diameter of 200 meters. The UFOs were seen by several witnesses. The land crew turned on emergency lights because the UFOs got very close.

The UFOs did not respond to the communications so a Mirage F-1 took off and managed to get close.

The UFO was truncated cone shaped displaying a changing bright color. When the UFO suddenly disappeared a new UFO was spotted on radar.

When the Mirage pilot approached the UFO, the object disappeared again. The pilot stated that his electronic flight systems were jammed. He also got an alarm signal that something had a constant lock on him by a continuous wave missile radar.

The chase lasted more than an hour. Spanish Air Force brushed off this case, and the Mirage F-1 pilot’s experience was left out of their report.

This is the Manises UFO incident.

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