The Pentagon UFO report “Pisses of the UFO Community”

The pentagon released its long-awaited report on unidentified aerial phenomenon last Friday but the UFO community is not satisfied.

In a Astral Citizens video before the document’s release we said we believe we won’t got much new information other than the information we’ve know for many years for decades.

We have noticed that the Pentagon doesn’t reach out to the public about the unknown flying objects in our own airspace, actually their silence says a lot while the world hopes something special will be mentioned, mainly the UFO community.

In this thin piece of document that contains a lot of words but nothing is said you can draw conclusions between the lines. Most people are not happy with this report but why do they claim they performed an investigation on 144 UFO incidents occurring from November 2004 to March 2021?

They are not transparent about which UFO incidents because they left that out of all cases, no link is made with extraterrestrial technology at most it is based on technology operated by foreign actors and naturally occurring phenomena they even dare to point fingers at China and Russia.

In this report: “Some uap may be technologies deployed by China Russia another nation …” That without providing substantial evidence. This looks more like a political smear campaign against China and Russia.

To summarize the story we can conclude that this is just a concept in which they categorize UFO incidents into possible scenarios.

We also get the impression after studying the document there is a level of intimidation. They talk about threats —ahaa, doesn’t that sound familiar? The Jeremy Corbell clan are pushing out this threat propaganda.

We don’t believe a UFO ever ever dropped in human history an atomic bomb on Japan. It’s a bit hypocritical in our opinion.

In the end they suggested more money that can be spent on UAP’s research and the question is what the hell are they doing with all the American taxpayers money billions and billions of dollars are invested in the US military? How they spend the money, they are not transparent about it.

Conclusion, so as US taxpayer you should not settle with this document at all. In a weird way you can see it on the bright side. UAPs are taken seriously otherwise this report would not exist at all.

What is your opinion on this report? We want to read your opinion in the comment section below.

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