The Pilot Who Shot at a UFO



The only fighter pilot to ever shoot at an alleged UFO is Oscar Santa Maria Huerta, also known as La Joya UFO incident. On April 11, 1980 Lt Huerta was ordered to start the engines of his Sukhoi 22 fighter to intercept a strange silvery object hovering 5 klicks near the military base in Peru.

It was early in the morning of April 11, 1980, 23-year-old jet fighter pilot Oscar Santa Maria Huerta prepared for an exercise along with nearly 2,000 military personnel and civilians 1,000 klicks south of the Peruvian capital at the La Joya Air Force Base.

This is a daily routine for those people. At the time, Lt Huerta had 8 years of combat flying experience, but what happened that day, he says, was a day he will never forget.

Lt Huerta was ordered to start the engines of his Sukhoi 22 fighter to intercept a strange silvery object. The UFO was 5 klicks from the runway, at an altitude of about 600 meters.


At first they thought it was a balloon that might be used for espionage. He took an attack dive from an altitude of 2,500 meters and fired a burst of forty six 30mm shells creating a cone-shaped wall of fire. Anything in the path will be destroyed. One such shell easily destroys a car, to give you an idea of the firepower. But nothing happened to that object.

It seemed like the object was absorbing the shells as it didn’t receive any damage. The object shot away, unable to chase with afterburner. After a 500 meter chase, the object stopped abruptly, requiring him to dodge the object and reposition to perform another attack on the object.

The moment Lt Huerta caught sight of the UFO, the object climbed lightning fast out of the sudden the pilot was flying underneath.

Whatever he did, the UFO was highly intelligent because it always outsmarted the pilot. He was able to get very close to the object up to 100 meters.

The drawing you see in the video is a sketch the pilot witnessed. He said it looked like a balloon but it wasn’t a balloon. It was 10 meters in diameter with a shiny dome on top that was creamy colored similar to a light bulb cut in half.


Lt. Huerta was scared at one point. He’s running low on fuel, he couldn’t do anything, not even high-speed escape. He really thought this was the end for him.

He flew zig-zagged all the way back to prevent the UFO putting a lock on him. The UFO hovered in the sky for two more hours in plain sight of many witnesses at the base who were all required to report later on.

This event reminds you of two stories. The 1976 UFO case in which Iranian air force General Parviz Jafari tried to shoot a UFO but his equipment mysteriously malfunctioned and aborted the mission last minute.

Navy Lieutenant Ryan Graves, witnessing UFOs on a daily basis. This looks very similar to the description of Oscar Santa Maria Huerta.


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