The Sri Lanka 2012 UFO Case

The Sri Lankan air force says it is keeping a 24-hour watch on mysterious lights that have been seen in the skies over different regions of the island. No UFOs has been detected on radar, according to SLAF media spokesperson wing commander Shiraz Jalaldin.

Meanwhile, on December 11th, 2012, strange lights were seen in the skies over numerous regions of the island.

At around 8:30 p.m. Friday night, an unusual light was seen in the skies above Hamanawa in Tana Malvilla.

Meanwhile, a mobile phone camera snapped a mysterious light in the eastern skies.

In the sky over Gampah, an unidentified light was also captured on a mobile phone camera. Several such instances have been reported in the recent past.

The news reporter wonders what these strange lights are and who is responsible for notifying the public about them if they aren’t UFOs?

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Since it was recorded in December “in the eastern sky,” it appears to be just an out-of-focus sparkling star, most likely Sirius, sighted at low angular elevation. The sun and/or a lens flare caused by the sun appear to be the object at 1:01, according to an user.

Another user added there were no unexplained objects on radar. Because it was orbiting closer to Earth at the time, local astronomers said it was most likely a star or Mars and referred to this news article.


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