Triangle TR-3B UFO Dives Into The Sea

A series of photos depicting a triangular UFO diving into the sea. These photos strongly remind some of you of the arctic UFO photographs USS Trapang.

Debunkers like for example Mick West who has been in the media lately are doing everything they can do to debunk this UFO case., which is a good thing at a certain level.

The photos recently appeared on Reddit and were quickly picked up by the debunking forum Metabunk founded by Mick West.

Honestly, we think Mr. Eest is doing a great job but we don’t always agree with him and many are feeling the same lately.

His first argument is: “What looks fake to me is the grain it looks like photoshop, add noise filter, which add noise at pixel resolution rather than some actual film grain so you get lots of random short lines”.

This is an incorrect statement the add noise filter applies random pixels to an image simulating the result of shooting pictures on high speed film then he scans a photo of 600 dpi and calls this grain what may cause grain is in fact pixelation.

A pixelated image will appear blurry and blocky like in Mick’s photo. He created a false foundation to build his debunk which is in our opinion not the way a debunker should work.

Below you see a real photo with a lot of noise due to underexposure.

Courtesy U.S. National Archives & DVIDS

What is noise?

Noise is made up of pixels —not correctly representing the color or exposure of the scene— random short lines are visible too.

A user of Mick’s forum Metabunk made a very good argument. The waves are in two pictures the same; Mick failed to see the point his own user is making.

Waves in the sea can never ever be the same when we place this photo over each other you can see that the waves match exactly this is not possible.

This is the first evidence that this is a hoax what nobody talks about and that is actually the first thing you should look at are the weather conditions. The sun is shining in this photo but when the sun is shining the triangular UFO shouldn’t look like in the photo.

One looks very real but photo 3 is not in proportion to the weather situation at that time, in fact as you can see for yourself the color grading is completely different.

Actually the fake UFO is not consistent with the light source (the sun) when there is a light source there is a light angle so there is always light and shadow and that doesn’t translate in this series of photos.

Nothing against Mick West, he is doing a hell of a job but he must remember one thing when you crown yourself a debunker you have to be one thing —factual— nothing else matters.

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