Triangle UFO Filmed Over Utrecht, the Netherlands



We revisit the triangle UFO filmed over Utrecht, the Netherlands that appeared on the Dutch UFO hotline UFO Meldpunt October last year. Someone was looking at the sky and suddenly saw something flying described as a triangle.

On Thursday, October 7th, 2021 at 8:53 PM CET, a witness in Utrecht, The Netherlands reported seeing a triangular object with three lights. The object was visible for approximately 2 minutes before it disappeared into the distance.

The witness reported his sighting to the hotline the day after. He described the object as being triangular with three lights at each of its corners. He also said that he could hear a low humming noise coming from it.

The witness saw something strange flying overhead. He started filming what he believed to be a UFO.


Though he wasn’t sure what it was, he knew it didn’t look like anything else he’d seen in the sky before.

He described the object as being triangular with three lights arranged in a triangle pattern. He also noticed that it didn’t make any sound, even when it passed through clouds.

“I don’t think it’s a satellite or airplane,” says the witness.

“I heard nothing and it went very fast,” the witness continued.

Triangle UFO Filmed Over Utrecht, the Netherlands Analysis

Formerly known as Lions Ground, now Astral Citizens – an investigative journalist from the Netherlands. He has investigated footage of the flying object in Utrecht.

The investigation was published on YouTube on October 22nd, 2021. Lions Ground draws attention to the fact that this video is not fake. He points out that the video flying birds in v-formation.


In his investigation, he states that due to hoaxers’ manipulation of an amateur video, many people have come to believe that an unidentified flying object has been captured on tape. However, upon analysis by experts in the field of ornithology (the study of birds), it has become clear that the triangular object was nothing more than a flock of geese flying in formation.

He also says that although some may argue that light was given off by this formation, it is important to note that it is actually the camera’s night-vision capability that causes the image to appear brighter than it really is.

Lions Ground starts by saying the following in his video: “This amazing video material came into the hands of hoaxers who don’t care about UFOs but only about the money … their followers believe everything they say anyway. The triangular object makes one movement. It doesn’t make strange movements, though,”

“What you are looking at are birds in V formation. UFO Meldpunt Nederland has had the video material checked by a bird expert. But since when do birds give light? Birds do not give light but reflect light. The video was shot with a Luna Optics. The light reflection on the birds is depicted by the night vision as bright,” says Lions Ground, the investigator.

When a bird flies in a group, it saves energy because the lead bird can make the airflow go around them easier than the ones who are behind. It also lets the birds lookout for danger together.


Birds in V-formation

  • Geese
  • Swans
  • Ducks
  • Pelicans
  • Storks and other migratory birds


The video is not depicting an alien spaceship but rather birds flying in v-formation reflecting light due to the type of camera. This is important because it shows that people can misidentify things they don’t understand and spread false information. It also highlights the importance of investigating claims before accepting them as fact.

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