Man Claims Tupac is Alive And Helped Him Escape

Tupac is alive, this claims a YouTube channel. The channel is exploiting the rap icon Tupac for years. Astral Citizens shares findings on the hoaxer Icini Studios.

In every video title you find “2Pac is alive”. The man behind Icini Studios is Michael Nice.

Nice claims he was involved in staging the death of Tupac Shakur.

Tupac Amaru Shakur died on September 13, 1996 as a result of the in Las Vegas shooting. People had troubles to let him go and so conspiracy theories such as the Makaveli arose.

The rapper read a book about faking death when he was in prison. Makaveli is the name of Italian war strategist Niccolò Machiavelli who pretended to fake his death, and when you rearrange the letters, “Makaveli” turns into “I Am Alive”.

On November 5, 1996, nearly two months after his death, Death Row Records dropped the album Makaveli. Most conspiracy theories about the rap icon make sense.

Icini Studio, a YouTube channel about the rapper in question. The Englishman under the fake name Michael Nice claims to have a good relationship with the Black Panthers. He literally has a black panther tattooed on his arm but a real Panther member says he is talking nonsense.

Michael Nice also claims that he helped Tupac escape. He says he is partly responsible for staging his death. Every time Icini Studios publish a video it is always begins with “2Pac is Alive”. The channel is milking the legendary rapper for money with a wide varied outlandish claims.


On Tuesday, September 21, the channel claims that Michael Nice has been kidnapped.

In the video you can see one of his friends wearing sunglasses. He would be responsible for the disappearance of Michael Nice.

This is not the first time such a claim has been made.

On December 21, 2018, Michael Nice is claimed to have been murdered. Here you see a photo in which he is covered with ketchup.

Three days after his death we received a threat from Michael Nice on Facebook to leave his channel alone or there will be consequences.

Not smart, when you declare yourself dead in third person. All Nice has to do is “to play dead”. Nice confirms two things:

  1. He is alive
  2. He is the owner of Icini Studios.

Months later, he returns to YouTube. This debunk even appeared on Dailystar.

Today, 2021, the channel claims Michael Nice is kidnapped, no official statement from the local police or newspaper, the so-called security video confirms nothing just what kind of car he drives. He’ll be back on the channel in a few months.

What strikes us is that this hoax channel in question is repetitive. You run out of ideas at some point after hoaxing in three years in a row.

Tupac escape jet

On June 3, 2020, Icini Studios claimed that they have proof that the rapper fled on a private jet. This appeared in the video “2pac is Alive Escaped via Private Plane Real Evidence Provided by Michael Nice“.

Astral Citizens broke the story and debunked the claim, 2PAC’s escape jet video uploaded by Icini Studios is a hoax. The original video was stolen from the YouTube channel ‘Just Planes’.

The original video was published 16 years after the death of the rap icon Tupac Shakur. Michael Nice claims the video was shot in Las Vegas while the original video tells the location described in the video description is Boston Logan Airport.

The copyright owner of the video tells Astral Citizens: “I did a check in our invoicing to see if we had an invoice for that footage and we didn’t… And if the footage was given for free we would have requested a credit and link to our site, neither were on the video so I would say no there was no permission given. We have filed the copyright claim, If Icini does come back with proof they did get permission or bought the clip we would off course retract that claim but I do not see any record of it.”

Icini Studios or Michael Nice is the worst hoaxer.

Michael Nice/ Icini Studios holding a photo he ripped from a random Instagram user. NOLS never gave permission to use this photo.

Another example, he likes to show pictures but in reality he rips the pictures online print it out and stick a fabricated story. Like his infamous Tupac photo above, it turns out to be a totally different man from Instagram.

Question, what do you think his motive is?

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