Two moons in Dubai, UAE, mystery behind viral video solved

Dubai was in the spotlight with a video depicting two moons. The mystery has been solved, this is a publicity stunt to promote UAE’s Hope Probe.

On February 5, this video appeared online which took place near the city of wealth, Dubai. A passenger in a car is filming while they drive through a desert environment and see two moons in the sky and so goes the plot of this video.

Kkhaleej Times breaks the story, making it clear that this is a publicity stunt promoting UEA’s Hope Probe. To drive awareness and create excitement around the Hope Probe’s insertion in the Martian orbit today, February 9.

Advanced technology has been used to make this friendly hoax a reality. Two giant 100-meter cranes and an advanced 40-meter screen is installed in Al Qudra desert with the aim to illustrate to the UAE residents what the Hope Probe is capturing 500 million miles away.

The publicity stunt was carried out by UAE Government Media Office and told the newspaper how important this project is to them: “The Mars Mission is one of the biggest challenges of the country’s history and one of the boldest initiatives of the UAE: Conquer space. So, to create awareness around this important fact, nothing better than bring the two moons of Mars to Earth”.

The Hope orbiter was launched on my birthday, 19 July 2020 and is on track to make its orbit entry maneuver today. The space probe will study daily and seasonal weather cycles, weather events in the lower atmosphere such as dust storms, and how the weather varies in different regions of the planet. It will also attempt to find out why it is losing hydrogen and oxygen into space and other possible reasons behind its drastic climate changes.

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