UFO Chased by Black Hawk Helicopters

A UFO is being chased by two Blackhawks helicopters claims a YouTube channel early this week.

Jeremy Rys of the YouTube channel AlienScientist says these are two Blackhawk helicopters escorting a Tic Tac glowing UFO.

“Raw Security Camera Footage of the 2 Blackhawks escorting a tic tac glowing orb UFO,” writes Jeremy in the video description.

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The video was recorded on January 20, 2022 at 6:45 PM.

In the video (no sound) you can clearly see two helicopters flying.

A bright luminous sphere flies between the helicopters.


A pro-claimed Blackhawk instructor says these are about three helicopters flying in formation.

“As a Blackhawk instructor pilot myself, I have to say that’s just 3 birds doing a NVG formation flight using standard SOP lighting for a multi ship flight. Sorry to burst bubbles,” wrote the user in the comment section.

When we watch the video carefully, we learn that a piece of tail becomes visible just before it disappears from the screen.

The reason you can’t see the helicopter is because of the large lighting that camouflages the helicopter.

“I think somebody doesn’t quite know how “chasing” works,” says another user.

Another user adds, “Please don’t turn into ThirdPhaseOfTheMoon..”


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courtesy: alien scientist


Nice footage.
Thank you for sharing.
Any information about location and time for those black hawk flying path ?
It should be relative easy to get flight permissions as documents to see if it was 2 or 3 heli’s 🙂

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