UFO Chasing a Military Plane Captured on camera

Last week this FLIR video appeared on the YouTube channel NY UAP discussion. The title says that a UFO is chasing a plane.

The background story is that this video was shot by a mobile scope truck using a FLiR system that was tracking an A10 Warthog at the time. Based on the background story provided by this channel, this was shot from the ground up.

Wait a minute, this truck can fly? It is probably a flying mobile scope truck because at the top left you will find data about the vehicle that is recording this video.

The data says the truck is 4961 ft. in the air. In the example video you see the instruments corresponds to what you witness in the recording. In the UAP video you can see that the instruments DO NOT correspond to what you witness in the video.

The green numbers and letters do nothing except the instruments at the bottom center. If that is not correct, the video is not correct. Most likely the video has been altered.

It is not that difficult to imitate the instruments with a video editing program. We managed to stabilize the video.

There are moments it indicates that this is a bird. You will wonder why is the bird able to chase the plane? The plane flies at a higher altitude than the bird. It’s an optical illusion.

The farther an object is from the camera, the slower it appears to be moving. When a plane flies very close you experience the true speed.

The golden question is, what do you think about this video material?

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