‘UFO’ plunge into the sea of Campeche, Mexico

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been recorded on video crashing into the sea off the coast of Mexico. The incident was filmed by a group of people who were watching from land in Campeche, one of the three states of the Yucatan Peninsula. The glowing lights that precede the fall of these UFOs have been looked at as silver spheres.

A group of people captured a video of an unidentified object that fell in the waters of the Campeche Bay on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

The video shows an object falling from the sky before it hits the water. The object appears to have been moving at high speed and is traveling horizontally. It was posted by a Facebook user named Cesar Dzul Uxul.

In the video smoke on the horizon can be depicted followed up by a silver-shaped object dropping from the sky.

According to Cesar, the video was recorded by Alexis Menta. At first, they noticed smoke coming on the horizon — He then captured what appears to be a silvery object falling from the sky, which took more than ten seconds to hit the water.

The glowing lights and silver spheres can be compared to flare guns, which people fire when they need to get someone’s attention. Smoke doesn’t have to be visible. The fact that it was a clear day could also explain why no one saw any smoke coming out of the object.

It’s unlikely that this incident was caused by aliens or UFOs, but there are still some unanswered questions regarding what happened on May 3.

A YouTube video was uploaded by Ytykg named “1950 Polish Flare” that shows footage of a flare being shot in the air with a Polish flare pistol. The object in the alleged UFO video looks like the flare video.


The object in the video is very likely a flare. The fact that there were no reports of smoke coming out of the object could mean that the flare was a type that didn’t produce any smoke.

The incident occurred on a clear day, which could explain why this object appeared to descend from outer space. A flare would also be similar to what some people described seeing; it would have been shiny in the sun and moved slowly across the sky.

This video is an example of how a UFO sighting can be easily explained away as something mundane. In this case, the UFO was likely just a flare. However, what really happened is unknown.

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