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UFO Sao Paulo, Brazil Case



UFO Sao Paulo, Brazil Case

On September 21, Facebook was surprised with a UFO video shot in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Users come up with all kinds of theories to solve this mystery. Keep reading because Astral Citizens breaks the story.

Everton Henriques is the witness who recorded the UFO video on camera and shared it in the Facebook group UFO Sighting writing in the caption that he doesn’t know what it is.

Henriques writes in the Facebook group: “Hello. I recorded this yesterday in my house (Sao Paulo – Brazil). I don’t know what this can be, someone have a explanation?”.

UFO Sighting Solved

During the annual typical Brazilian tradition called ‘Festa Junina‘ they attach fireworks on balloons which gives a spectacular view. Below is a side-by-side view. On the left you see the alleged UFO video recorded by Henriques and on the right a frame of a random video made in 2014 posted on YouTube.


[bafg id=”10048″]

There are three reasons why you can’t see a balloon in Henriques’ video. He did not zoomed in, it is dark, and the distance is too far.

The reason you don’t hear fireworks is the distance the sound have to travel and the wrong wind direction keeps the sound from reaching the camera.


Watch the Astral Citizens video below to learn more about this case.


Heathcliff Spencer Peters, born and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with Dutch and American artists as creative artist for over 10 years. From 2000 - 2001 he was the main character in a popular Dutch television docu-soap-travel program. He has also worked as a cameraman and video producer for over 11 years. In addition to his work experience, he has been practicing journalism and fact-checking since 2007 for Lions Ground, nowadays known as Astral Citizens.


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