UFO Sighting Sao Paulo

The UFO sighting in Sao Paulo is not that special. On September 21, Brazilian Everton Henriques posted his UFO sighting online that he captured on video from his home.

He writes that he does not know what it is on Facebook: “Hello. I record this yesterday in my house (Sao Paulo – Brazil). I don’t know what can be, someone have a explanation?”

That he posts the video in a UFO community says he associates it with an unidentified flying object, in modern mouth AUP. On his own profile, he suggests that this is a UFO too.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the resident Everton Henriques captured a “UFO sighting” on camera. It’s pitch dark outside, a bright flickering light  hovering over the capital with occasional dripping.

in Brazil they have the tradition of tying fireworks to a balloon. In the video you see a video made in 2014 of a balloon with exactly the same firework.

What exactly happened?

In Henriques’ video they have the firework strapped tight on a balloon or rope while the 2014 video the firework is being shot down. Eventually it gets too hot causing the balloon or the rope burn and the projectile eventually falls down.

Henriques knew what it was because this Brazilian tradition called “Festa Junina” is in his blood.

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