UFO social network website Astral Citizens is a free UFO social network website, home for ufology where people can find help in the UFO forums, UFO news, make new friends, and where members can share their UFO stories. From alien-abduction to UFO sightings, Astral Citizens is the honeypot for UFO truthers.

History of Astral Citizens

Astral Citizens is founded by the Dutchman Heathcliff of the former fact-checking YouTube channel Lions Ground in January 1st of 2022. Lions Ground started as a YouTube channel with nearly 80,000 subscribers as of 2019 started over in.

He felt that the name did not properly reflect his passion for UFOs and decided to rebrand the name to Astral Citizens. Dedicated to sharing UFO stories and cases combined with our knowledge and fact-checking skills. Our mission is to enlighten people on these topics.

UFO Social Network

UFO social network is the first of its kind UFO community. There had to be a place where UFO fans could feel at home and safe. A free platform where people can share their photos, videos, and stories without worrying about being ridiculed, attacked, or censored.

Our mission is to create a fun space for like-minded individuals who share an interest in UFOs to connect with one another. We envision a world where we all come together as friends united by our curiosity of extraterrestrial life forms from outer space and unite towards this goal of understanding what they want from us.

UFO Forums

UFO forums is the most focused forum dedicated to Aliens, UFOs and the paranormal on the internet today. The forum has been around since the beginning, so it certainly has some experience in what it does best – answering questions about aliens and UFOs!

Do you have questions? You’re sure to get an answer for your question or find someone else who shares your interests. Astral Citizens offers many different discussion boards on various topics including:

Astral Citizens | UFO social network, forums & news

Astral Citizens is a place where you can ask questions, read the latest UFO news and discuss the latest UFO sightings with like-minded people from all over the world. All the stories you’ve ever wanted to share on a UFO social network website are waiting for you at Astral Citizens. You can make friends in the chat, read up on UFOs and aliens conversations in UFO forums, or post your own story on your profile.

Share all of your UFO sightings and alien-abduction experiences with other members that love talking about UFOs just as much as you do. If you’re looking for free ways to talk about UFOs online then this is the place for you. Join today!