UFOs, Group, Meta & Question | Lionsground.com (Vol. 2)

Insider news every Monday, what’s happening at astralcitizens.com. The uncensored free social media platform where you can freely and happily publish anything that interests you.

The site is growing, now 50 people have registered and you are looking at the newest members. So visit astralcitizens.com, register, and make friends with them and share mutual interests.

YouTuber @moonbase1117 opens the first-ever UFO based community group on astralcitizens.com. There he shares videos of strange objects near the moon. If you can explain this, join his community write what you think those objects are.

@degeman posts an interesting UFO topic in the forum. Rich in videos on proclaimed evidence that UFOs are real with testimonials from a sheriff, Dr Karla Turner on alien abduction, and G. Knapp discussing the weirdest stuff. Go check it out, to explore this interesting stuff or maybe add more great media files to power this topic.

Social media sites are a mess. Meta deletes hundreds of Belarusian KGB fake Facebook accounts. Meta says the Belarusian KGB has set up dozens of fake accounts, in which agents masquerading as journalists and activists to fuel the migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border.

Will it be possible to incorporate a smiley / emoji menu in the forum?“. I heard you @teamyogaforce. Today I will activate the emojis on the site. “At your service”.

I launched a free social media website because I have little faith in social media sites today. I take the step towards independence, follow my steps and register for free at astralcitizens.com

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