UFOs over Miami Debunked

The UFOs over Miami went viral after it appeared on the Twitter account of journalist and activist Rogan O’Handley. Are the UFOs over Miami fake?

True, the UFOs over Miami video posted by Rogan O’Handley is fake. The Tweet with the alleged video is a hoax made with the iOS app “UFO Video Camera” developed by the American company Outerspacious Software LLC. The iOS application was not able to perfectly motion track the video, the orange round glowing objects do not always move synchronously with the camera shake and sometimes flutter due to an app calculation error.

On June 24, 2020, the lawyer, patriot, civil rights activist, and journalist Rogan O’Handley post the UFOs about Miami video with an enticing caption.

Handley wrote on Twitter: “Um what?!? This video is from a friend in Miami. Can anyone explain?”

UFOs over Miami Debunked

The phone application cannot handle the intense camera shakes, which translates into strange and unnatural vibrations, which is the most common mistake in producing hoax UFO videos. Video noise is snow and mosaic prints that are mainly visible in low-light video recordings. This is strongly present throughout the video, except, the orbs look flawless. This is an indication that the orbs do not belong to the video recording.

UFO Video Camera

The hoax video UFO over Miami is created with the iOS phone application called UFO Video Camera developed by Outerspacious Software LLC.

“UFO Video Camera is a simple to use, augmented reality camera that creates stunning, realistic looking UFO videos,” that is the description of the app on the landing page. At the bottom, you are introduced with a demo video where you witness the same orange orbs with the same animations as in the UFOs over Miami video. The video has reached almost 3 million views on Twitter and reached the American TV show The View.


On May 1, 2022, a video of six glowing orbs in the sky was posted to Twitter. All six orbs move similar through the night sky.

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