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Mysterious Vatican Statue Depicts “The Hollow Earth”



Mysterious Vatican Statue Depicts

There is a strange statue located within the Vatican that has been baffling people for years. Some say that it depicts “the hollow earth” – a mysterious place that is said to exist below our planet’s surface.

The exact meaning of the statue has never been confirmed, but it continues to intrigue people from all over the world. If you’re curious to learn more about this enigmatic artwork, keep reading!

People have been fascinated by the idea of hollow earth for centuries, but no one has ever been able to confirm its existence. 

The idea of a hollow earth is both mysterious and alluring, but it’s also something that has never been proven.


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The article discusses the theories around The Vatican’s strange statue that according to some people depicts “the hollow earth”.

It provides facts about the statue and the theories around it.

It is important to know who made this statue because their perspective could give us a lot of insight into what it means. If the statue is depicting the hollow earth, then who made it and why?

The Hollow Earth Theory: What Is It? 

Some believe that this is evidence that the earth is, in fact, hollow and that there are secret entrances leading inside.

This idea has been around for hundreds of years, but it started gaining popularity in the 19th century with a book called “Symzonia: Voyage of Discovery” by John Cleves Symmes Jr., which describes a hollow earth where there is an inner world that contains all sorts of creatures and plants on its surface.


So why does the Vatican have a statue that apparently depicts this strange place? There’s no clear answer, but it’s possible that they’re just keeping it as an interesting piece of art.

Even if the hollow earth theory is false, it’s still an intriguing idea to think about! What do you think?

What Is It? 

To understand the context of the story you must first understand what the hollow earth theory is because that is what the statue in question is depicting.

The Hollow Earth Theory as it applies to this story postulates that there exists a world beneath our feet, inside the earth, which is hollow.

This theory has been around for centuries but gained popularity in the 1800s when a man by the name of John Cleves Symmes Jr. wrote a book about it.


In Symmes Jr.’s book, Symzonia: Voyage of Discovery, he claimed that there was an inner world inside the earth which contained a lush and fertile land with all sorts of creatures and plants on its surface.

The theory goes that the North and South Poles are actually entrances to this hollow world and that the earth is, in fact, hollow.

Flat Earth Theory

Flat Earth Theory

In addition to the hollow earth theory, you have the flat earth theory.

There are many people who believe in this theory, including a few celebrities.

The flat earth theory is the concept that our planet is not shaped like a ball and instead it’s shaped more like a pancake.

These proponents of the theory often cite religious beliefs as proof but they also use scientific evidence to back up their claims.


One of the most famous flat earth theorists is rapper B.o.B. He has been vocal about his beliefs on social media and even tried to raise funds to launch a rocket into space in an attempt to prove that the earth is flat.

The rapper is apparently not sure about his statement and has deleted his tweet. Fortunately, his tweet is still available in the archive.

There are many people who believe in this theory, but it’s still considered to be a fringe idea. The vast majority of scientists believe that the earth is in fact round, and there’s a lot of evidence to support this claim.

Despite this, the flat earth theory continues to gain traction online. Some people are drawn to it because they think it disproves science or because they reject mainstream ideas. Others are drawn to it because they think it’s funny and doesn’t actually believe in the theory themselves.

There are also many people who have been tricked into believing that the earth is flat. They see images on social media and assume they are real, even though they may be fake or doctored. This can be a problem.

Terra Australis 

The theory of Terra Australis was also thought to be true and is in fact related to the hollow earth theory.

The people who believed in this theory were convinced that there existed a huge landmass, much larger than what we have mapped today.


This landmass was called “Terra Australis” which meant “Southern Land”.

The theory of Terra Australis stated that the landmass was located in the Southern Hemisphere and that it was where all the missing pieces of the world fit together.

This theory gained a lot of traction in the 18th century but as we know now, there is no such landmass.

It was eventually debunked by various explorers.

What is the meaning of the Earth Statue within The Vatican?

So why does the Vatican have a statue that seems to depict this strange idea? No one knows for sure, but it’s possible that it could be connected to Symmes Jr.’s book.


Some say that the Catholic Church is trying to keep this information hidden from us, while others believe that they are simply fascinated by these theories about the hollow earth.

What do you think? Is it just a coincidence or does this statue mean something more?

What is the meaning?

Arnaldo Pomodoro

Some people believe that there is an entire other world inside our planet. Others claim that the statue is simply depicting a different perspective of the world we live in.

It is important to know who made this statue because their perspective could give us a lot of insight into what it means.

If the statue is depicting the hollow earth, then who made it and why? There are many questions that still need to be answered about this mysterious artwork!

The statue was created by an artist named Arnaldo Pomodoro in the 1960s, who had no intention of creating anything related to hollow earth theories.


The inner ball represents the Earth, while its outer counterpart embodies Christianity.

The design of these two layers which look like gears or cogwheels illustrate how fragile and complex our world can be; it’s not always easy to understand what is going on inside these moving pieces!

Pomodoro explained to Amusing Planet: “The sphere is a marvelous object, from the world of magic, wizards, whether it is of crystal or bronze, or full of water…It reflects everything around it, creating such contrasts that it sometimes is transformed, becoming invisible, leaving only its interior, tormented and corroded, full of teeth.”

While the “earth statue” was originally created for Vatican Church in Rome, Pomodoro has built them all over Europe and other parts of the world.

They can be found at locations such as UN Headquarters in New York City or Trinity College Dublin!


What do you think? Is there more to this statue than meets the eye? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Conclusion About the Vatican’s Earth Statue

The explanation from the artist gives you a clear sight of what the statue means, but it has sparked much debate and speculation on the internet.

Whatever interpretation you choose to believe, it’s clear that this statue is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. What do you think this statue means? Could there really be a secret entrance into the Earth hidden inside the Vatican Secret Archives?! Let us know in the comments section below!

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