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Who is Slapped Ham?



Who is Slapped Ham?

If you’ve ever watched a video on the YouTube channel Slapped Ham, you know that it’s unlike any other channel on the platform. You maybe wonder who is Slapped Ham?

Slapped Ham is a YouTube channel founded by Kallen Peter Johnstone. He is from Melbourne, Australia, and started publishing videos about creepy things on YouTube on June 16, 2014. Slapped Ham is an officially registered company since November 11, 2014 based in Croydon, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The channel has over 751.5 million lifetime views and the most popular video has over 29 million views called “10 REAL Photos That Cannot Be Explained” published on July 31, 2015.

If you’re a fan of Slapped Ham on YouTube, you’ve probably heard some wild rumors about his real identity. But who is Slapped Ham, really? And what’s his net worth? and Are Slapped Ham’s YouTube videos reliable?

We’ve got the answers to all your pressing questions!


Who is Slapped Ham?

Kallen Peter Johnstone founder of Slapped Ham | Credits: / Snappy Break Kids

The Slapped Ham channel founded by Kallen Peter Johnstone features a wide range of content including unsolved mysteries, unexplained phenomena, creepy stories, strange artifacts, and conspiracy theories. It’s not just about aliens or ghosts though—the channel also explores topics like cryptids (the search for animals like Bigfoot), urban legends (the scary stories that are passed down through generations), and more!

Slapped Ham is the perfect source for anyone who is interested in exploring the unknown and mysterious stories around the world—but is that really true? You will find out in this article.

Slapped Ham Best YouTube Video

Slapped Ham’s most popular video is “10 REAL Photos That Cannot Be Explained“. In this video Kallen examines 10 real images that defy explanation: from a gigantic flying reptile to convincing time travel evidence, and explore the mysteries behind these inexplicable pictures.

Slapped Ham Net Worth

How much is Slapped Ham worth? It’s hard to say because the amount of money that you can make from Adsense ad revenue depends on factors such as your audience type, engagement levels (measured by views and watch time), and quality of content. Your audience type is determined by geographic location. Engagement levels are measured by how often viewers watch your videos, as well as how long they watch them (which is also called watch time).

Because the amount of ad revenue is also determined by the quality of the traffic, not only the number of views, websites such as Social Blades cannot pinpoint exactly what a channel earns. So they show the reach instead.

One of our videos went viral and received over 1.5 million views within 30 days; the majority of viewers were from America, England, and Canada—the top 3 countries with the highest ad revenue earnings. The video generated approximately 1500 Euro (1548 USD) ad revenue.


Because Slapped Ham has a similar audience, it is likely that the channel will earn revenue generated from viewership from the same countries. According to Social Blades, Slapped Ham has generated 13.1 million views in the past 30 days—enough for 19,650 EU (20,284 USD).

According to the calculation, Slapped Ham would earn a quarter of a million dollars—that’s 235,800 euros (243,408 USD) annually. Slapped Ham has collected a minimum revenue of at least 1,128,139,980 million EUR since 2014 (1,163,484,784.19 USD). Sponsors is not included in the calculation.

We suspect that our calculation is lower than the actual earnings because AdSense rates were much higher before 2017 when advertisers boycotted YouTube’s ads following reports of offensive content and comments appearing under videos for children.

Slapped Ham YouTube Videos

We’ve picked his recent video—the one where he talks about paranormal activities—to fact-check because it shows what he’s up to now, and since there’s a lot of misinformation out there, we think this is the best way to get to know the real Slapped Ham.

If you have nearly three million subscribers, it’s no wonder that people look to you for authority. As such, we expect accountability from an authority figure.


There is a lot to unpack in this video, so we’ll take it step by step and explain each point as we go along.

You will find that Slapped Ham does not make a judgment about the evidence presented, but leaves it to you to decide.

The Lying Pastor

Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and look at what you’re seeing. For example the pastor video on TikTok. He may look like a pastor, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s holy. The video below proves it once again.

We know that’s what the pastor in this video did when he caught some paranormal activity in his church.

But as it turns out, his reaction is not as authentic as it seems. After a thorough examination of the video material, we learned that the pastor is lying. In the video below, we show that the table is pulled over with a fishing line.


So why would someone do this? We don’t know—but we do know that Slapped Ham has been caught biased reporting on the story by saying it’s hard to confirm if there was actually a paranormal occurrence or if it was just a hoax.

“There were a few commenters who thought they could see a piece of string pulling the podium over. However, it’s hard to confirm as nothing seems to stand out,” Kallen said.

Family sets up camera in the laundry room where a lot of Paranormal activity occurs

The video below is a classic and it’s an example of what happens when you don’t pay close enough attention to detail.

The video shows a family setting up a camera in their hallway because they’ve experienced paranormal activity there. In the background, there is a laundry room or bathroom.

At 1m03s, the lady enters the hallway. Her mirror image is visible following her to the right until she disappears from view. The lady turns and walks back into view—but when her reflection should appear in the mirror, instead she fades in! The mirror image should behave the same way when she arrived—she didn’t fade out when she disappeared from view!

This involves double recording or the bathroom area is frozen and slowly fades in when the effect is no longer applicable. The video is clearly a hoax.


If Slapped Ham had put in just a little effort (and maybe some research), you’d learn that the TikTok account is filled with over the top fake videos. Not really a reliable source to present this to your audience!

Because Kallen has selected a few videos from this TikTok account and published them on his channel, despite knowing that the user’s unreliability is unlikely to be overlooked.

Even though these videos are obviously hoaxes, Kallen still labels them a mystery.

“So for now, unless more info comes to hand, this bizarre series of clips will have to remain a mystery,” Kallen said.

The Pinocchio Finger

The next video that appeared in Slapped Ham’s video is again from TikTok. The video was published by the TikTok user TerroresNocturnos at the end of June 2022 and shows something that appears to be pulling his finger.

His finger gets longer as the CGI trick escalates and this makes it look like the Pinocchio virus is real.


Slapped Ham did not question the video, even though fakery is clearly evident in it. But what does Slapped Ham say about The Pinocchio Finger? He calls this “evidence” instead of acknowledging the fakery.

“So what’s going on here? The more evidence that piles up, the more people are starting to believe that Mario’s store could genuinely be haunted by challenges of malicious spirit,” Slapped Ham said.

Slapped Ham is for entertainment only

We’re not really sure where people got the idea that Slapped Ham is actual an entertainment channel. Nowhere is that mentioned in text or verbal content—the whole thing is just entertainment.

Kallen from Slapped Ham confirmed his workflow on The Creator Generation podcast, and it’s… well, it’s weird.

He says he likes to blow up stories and avoid fact-checking—and if you don’t believe us, just listen for yourself!

“I mean it’s really well done if it’s doctored whoever did it did a bang-up job I mean you know it’s just a fun story and we try and kind of blow that up and look into that kind of mysterious aspect of it yeah we’re not a debunking Channel so we don’t like you know zoom in and look at the pixels and see if someone’s doctored it or not we’re just sort of there to have a good time really quickly,” Kallen Peter Johnstone said.

Conclusion about Slapped Ham

In conclusion, Kallen Peter Johnstone of the YouTube channel Slapped Ham earns his living by showing other people’s content in the form of compilation videos. Kallen keeps it exciting like a thrilling horror movie by means of reporting in the 3rd person point of view.


He will therefore never criticize the videos because he wants to keep his followers on board and make sure they do not abandon him. He will never share the truth with his followers as revealed in his latest YouTube video.

According to Snappy Brake Kids, a Mongol Rally team that Kallen used to be a part of, Kallen is said to have a background in journalism. Despite being a trained journalist, Kallen chose to disregard his journalistic expertise when posting videos on Slapped Ham.

Kallen is quick to point out that it’s difficult to prove the pastor’s dishonesty when you can see him doing his dishonest deeds right there on video—that’s how he makes money.

Kallen uses a video from an unreliable source but presents it as reliable evidence without questioning the clip’s authenticity. This raises questions about whether he skipped fact-checking or didn’t share his investigation.

Slapped Ham is guilty of spreading disinformation due to his lack of transparency and accountability.


Heathcliff Spencer Peters, born and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with Dutch and American artists as creative artist for over 10 years. From 2000 - 2001 he was the main character in a popular Dutch television docu-soap-travel program. He has also worked as a cameraman and video producer for over 11 years. In addition to his work experience, he has been practicing journalism and fact-checking since 2007 for Lions Ground, nowadays known as Astral Citizens.


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