Why Did Astral Citizens Leave YouTube?

Astral Citizens, the channel with nearly 80,000 subscribers, left YouTube in early June 2019. Conspiracy theorists theorize that Astral Citizens received hush money. Did Astral Citizens received hush money and leave YouTube?

False, Astral Citizens left YouTube in early June 2019 because the fact-checking channel was demonetized on May 25, 2019, while YouTube channels from hoaxers were reinstated to monetize their content in less than 24 hours. Astral Citizens’s channel was demonetized for misleading titles, descriptions, and tags which is very ironic.

A day earlier, another channel of a well-known hoaxer was demonetized for the same reason, but this decision was reversed within 24 hours. The YouTube channel of Astral Citizens did not receive the deserved attention. YouTube’s practiced favoritism and that made Astral Citizens choose to quit.

In the email below, YouTube states in a template-based message that the entire channel has been removed from the YouTube partner program. YouTube writes: “During a recent review, our team of policy specialists carefully looked over the videos you’ve uploaded to your channel Astral Citizens. We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies.”


The transparency of the email is the problem. YouTube fails to point out which rule in YouTube’s policy has been violated so the content creator can appeal correctly.

YouTube did not cooperate and declined to provide a concrete answer as to why they made this decision.

We learned through the partner program support chat that the reason for this decision is related to misleading metadata. According to the email, a significant portion violated the policy, but when asked to name one video, the YouTube employee could not answer.

On October 4, 2019, Astral Citizens returned but that was short-lived because again the channel came victim to wrong decisions.

YouTube reversed this decision and reinstated the channel months later on May 18, 2020. YouTube writes: “Please disregard the previous messages and actions. Your channel has been reinstated. Thank you very much for your notification. The content has been removed.”

What happened is explained in the article “Secureteam10 Case – Facts Vs. Fables

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