YouTube Employee: “UFOs is unhealthy to the thoughts of minor people”



Today, Google Employee told Astral Citizens that UFO videos are unhealthy for underage people.  

Astral Citizens spoke to a Google employee due to Age Restriction on the new UFO-related video. During the YouTube Support Chat session, it became very clear why the video got restricted. UFOs would be bad for the minds of underage people.

Google employee Dice said: “Well for us mature individuals, we would understand that there is an explanation for everything that is happening around us … But for minor aged people, what would stay on their mind is that there are extra terrestrial beings around us.”

Astral Citizens did not understand exactly what the Google employee was trying to say and asked him to elaborate.


“It would mean that the content is unhealthy to the thoughts of minor people,” says YouTube Support.

Age Restriction

Age Restriction is officially designed to shield minors from sensitive content.

That sounds good at first, but not for content creators who depend on ad revenue.

When a video is Age Restricted, the creator has the option to dispute once. YouTube will manually review this, which can take a few hours to weeks.


During the entire period, the restricted will not generate revenue and perform very poorly because only log-in users can view the video.

Targeted Censorship

YouTube introduced hashtags not long ago. This stimulates the discovery of a video. Up to 15 hashtags are allowed but only the first three hashtags are displayed above the title.

More than six months ago, Astral Citizens discovered that certain hashtags are not visible involving the following three hashtags:

  • #UFO
  • #UFOs
  • #Illuminati

To make sure this has nothing to do with Brave’s browser cache, Astral Citizens tested on Edge and Firefox. However, the situation could be reproduced on all browsers.

The video below demonstrates that the hashtags are censored. The moment the banned hashtag is replaced with a random word, the random word becomes visible.

The hashtags are censored. Astral Citizens wanted to know if the hashtags are globally censored or locally. Twitter user and follower of Astral Citizens, Vaultteam6, was able to apply the hashtags without limitation.

Many YouTubers have always complained about being censored by this powerful social media company, but YouTube has always denied this. With demonstrable hard evidence, this hard claim is firmly confirmed.


The question is, why is Astral Citizens being censored?

An hour later, the Age Restriction was removed from the video regardless after being manually reviewed.

This is why Astral Citizens is asking you to join the community. We will soon be hosting our own videos on our own servers. Join now here, be part of the revolution.


  1. Sharon Chatterton

    December 30, 2020 at 5:43 AM


  2. Heathcliff

    December 30, 2020 at 2:59 PM

    I experienced a lot with YouTube but this is new to me. The rumors are true, they behave like publishers.

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