YouTuber UFO Proof Faked Cancer Exposed

The self-proclaimed truther Kyle Nathan Aloia, the man behind the YouTube channel UFO Proof hoaxed stage 4 glioblastoma cancer and left state with the donation money. Who is UFO Proof?

UFO Proof is a channel dedicated to UFOs owned by Kyle Nathan Aloia. He launched his YouTube channel on August 5, 2015. He describes himself as a truther and dislikes people who are promoting fake content.


In 2011, a benefit was planned for Kyle Aloia at Pepe’s Restaurant in Valparaiso. The so-called truther claimed that he was diagnosed with stage-four glioblastoma, an aggressive and inoperable brain cancer. Kyle has been given approximately eight months to live, and he is unable to work in his condition but during one of his live streams, he admitted that he was performing as a stand-up comedian which is not possible if diagnosed with stage-four glioblastoma.

Witness 1

The benefit was organized by two former friends of UFO proof. On April 14, 2017 Astral Citizens spoke to one of the key witnesses, namely the fundraiser Wanda Spudic.

Spudic is still audibly emotional and told over the phone she felt ashamed. The witnesses stated that Kyle Nathan Aloia or UFO Proof ‘hoaxed his cancer’ and left the state with the money. “As far as I know he’s alive and well … it’s a bunch of bullshit,” Wanda said.

Witness 2

Astral Citizens spoke to Kelly Lansdowne the second key witness.


Third Phase of Moon and Secureteam10 are friends with the cancer hoaxer in question and even sponsors him knowing he staged glioblastoma stage 4 cancer and left state with the donation money.


The true face of Kyle Nathan Aloia or UFO Proof is a criminal hoaxer. Based on the court files he has a quite of impressive criminal background and built up a lot of debt. While he shamelessly continues to ask for money on Youtube. All case files are available on our Google Drive.

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