Zhanna The Reptilian Anunnaki on TikTok is a Total Hoax



The Russian hoaxer Zhanna the fake reptilian, who has been exposed faking her reptilian eyes and her evil anti-western ideology for world domination through a dangerous sect, is hoaxing again. This time she shares 6 fake top secret artifacts.

Zhanna has been the subject of much attention recently. The reason for this is because of her alleged video of 6 artifacts. She wants to give you the impression these artifacts were originally thought to be genuine, but Astral Citizens challenge her authenticity into question.


top secret artifacts 😳 ♬ MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X

Let’s start with photo number 2

This photo is fake, as you can see from the fact that the first appearance of the original photo is in the book “Meroë, the City of the Ethiopians : being an account of a first season’s excavations on the site”.

It was published by Clarendon Press in 1911 and the artifact is added by Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi.

“I make sculptures and illustrations largely based on horror, fantasy, and weird fiction,” says Andrea Bonazzi, “especially inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.”


On Andrea’s Instagram account you find more artwork and guess what? All the so called top secret artifacts in the video from the fake lizard Babylonian braindead zombie Zhanna originates from this Italian artist.

The fake head Zhanna is not telling you that all the photos she shared were in fact made by the Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi. These photos include:

1. Photo 1: Artifact depicting some sort of alien creature made by the Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi.

2. Photo 3: Artifact depicting some sort of alien cookie made by the Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi.

3. Photo 4: Artifact depicting some sort of god with 6 arms made by the Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi.

4. Photo 5: Artifact depicting some sort of elephant made by the Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi.

5. Photo 6: Artifact made by the Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi.


This is not the first time she has been accused of faking. She’s famous of her reptilian eyes which I debunked, they are nothing more than CGI effect.

Zhanna’s story is far from over. As she continues to share her anti-western ideology on social media, she will continue to draw more attention to herself.

Watch this video …

I warned in my very first video couple of months ago she shares anti-western ideology and she is doing that right now by ridiculing and defaming American figures From former US president and Michelle, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Mark Zuckerberg, The Queen of England, 50 Cents etc etc. + The person who must be in her list is herself.

If you want to find out more about Zhanna visit our official website at and search her name or open up the video description.


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